About us

The SmixTeam

Our team consists of active, passionate doers that are driven to make a positive impact in the world. Disrupting an industry is not an easy thing to do. It is stressful, and sometimes there are setbacks, but our team is obsessed to work towards that mission, day in, day out. We seek to find the best solution for each client and keep supporting them – from the very first meeting, to way beyond the installation and the system monitoring.

Smixin is a spin-off company of Creaholic, a leading Swiss-based innovation factory. For more information about Creaholic, please click here.

Alexander Schless

David Schnyder

James Fortier

Esther Wood

Fadzir Moktar

Emilie Barnasconi

Jean-Noel Teisseire

Kaspar Steiner

Stijn Van Mieghem

Headquarters in Switzerland

Rue Centrale / Zentralstrasse 115
2503 Biel / Bienne

T +41 (0)32 366 64 00
F +41 (0)32 366 64 03

Smixin office in Asia

Smixin Asia Ltd.
P.O. Box 24585
Hong Kong

T +852 9474 6351