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About us ━━━━━━━━

Our unique hand washing solution deliver the highest standars of sanitation with limited use of ressources. By applying IoT technology to our systems, we grant our clients instant data access and enable behavior change.

Improving hand hygiene is at the forefront of what we do. We raise awareness for hand washing at schools by developing specific educational programs. As a proud partner of the Global Handwashing Partnership we contribute actively to a sustainable and hygienic world. For every Smixin system placed, we will provide 10’000 litres of drinking water via the MadeBlue foundation.

• We care: 90% less water, 60% less soap
• We support schools around the world in education. For a better tomorrow
• We believe taking the first step makes the difference
• We reduce the risk of pandemic.
•Zero water balance AND providing 10 children access to fresh drinking water at school for a whole year – with Made Blue.
• Data: straight at your disposal
• Remote management
• Handwashing Index and a chance to improve
• Predictive service / maintenance of washrooms
• Real-time consumables level and usage
• Social interaction to improve handwashing behavior and community knowledge

The Ultimate Mix

• Everyone who uses our system walks away with a smile on their face. In excited wonder!
• We are the onset of a handwashing revolution.
• Your hands feel silky clean afterwards
•Soft, surprised, luxurious, silky, wow effect, caring, convenient, different feeling of rubbing.
• We are changing the way hand hygiene is delivered/defined
•Completely touch free – with in-tech anti contamination security
• Cleanliness of hands comparable result in 12 seconds compared to 20-30 seconds as advised by the WHO*
• Guaranteed hygiene by a controlled process*

Our solutions

The Comfort has our latest technology built in. The Smixrain – an ingenious aerator that creates a flow rate of only 0.7 liter per minute. With this faucet you save an astonishing 90% of water, and best of all: you experience an incredible pleasant feeling on your skin due to the perfect mix

The Compact is a next-generation, ecological faucet. This 2-in-1 soap and water dispenser is an extremely economic and sustainable solution and can be connected to an external monitoring platform, designed to satisfy even the most demanding facility manager.

The Combi is a unique 3-in-1 hand washing system designed to be used inside or outside the washroom. Water, soap and paper are dispensed in an optimal way and the system is connected to an external monitoring platform.

Made Blue

MADE BLUE Foudation invests in clean water projects from selected local implementing partners. By scaling best performing interventions MADE BLUE makes as much clean water permanently available in those areas where people lack access to clean water.

What are we doing?

For every Smixin system placed, we will provide 10’000 litres of drinking water via the MadeBlue organisation, guaranteeing 10 children access to fresh drinking water at school for a whole year. MadeBlue’s aim is to improve the water supply in Africa.

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Success stories

Cantonal Bank of Bern
“The modern design and innovative technology of the Compact are a good fit with our company image. Moreover, we support the product’s ecological and sustainable credentials. A perfect alliance of technology, economy and ecology."
Jungfrau Railways
"The cooperation between Smixin and Jungfrau Railways began with the installation of four Smixin Compact systems in the station’s washrooms in August 2017. 647,000 litres of water were already saved in the first six months. During the high season, people washed their hands with the Compact system 1,000 times a day."
Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai
“With the installation of the Smixin units, SISD is clearly in line with its ambition to establish itself at the forefront schools in the UAE, not only from an education and inclusiveness standpoint, but also in terms of sustainability. We are now providing our students with a fully compliant hand washing process whilst saving an estimated 1,000 liters of fresh water every day.”

Smixin is your number one partner when achieving your CSR goals. By revolutionizing the hand washing process, we proof that we can flip this innovation-aversive industry up side down. We are a international, dynamic and enthusiastic team, working closely together from our different offices around the world.

Our mission

To save 10 billion liters of water by 2021. By becoming the leading expert on handwashing processes, we are redefining the industry and save resources one handwash at a time.

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