CWS-boco and Smixin form partnership for digital hand hygiene solutions

Duisburg/Biel-Bienne, 05.02.2019. CWS-boco and Smixin have signed an agreement for a long-term partnership in the field of innovative hand hygiene solutions. Both parties aim to bundle their strengths in developing comprehensive and sustainable solutions for the highest standards of hand hygiene. The two companies will begin their exclusive cooperation in the DACH and Benelux markets as of February 2019.

“We always aim for the best hygiene solutions possible, which is why we are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and products which deliver value and contribute to an enhanced hygiene standard,” emphasized Johannes Winterhager, Managing Director Complete Washroom Concepts at CWS-boco. “Our investment and the establishment of the partnership with Smixin will add to our strong position as a hygiene specialist in the washroom services market,” explained Mr. Winterhager. Building on digital and IoT solutions, CWS-boco is striving to improve hygiene standards in public washrooms and users’ overall hygiene experience. “These goals are fuelled by our vision of a healthier and safer tomorrow,” concluded CWS-boco CEO Thomas Schmidt.

Starting off with a joint product test in July 2018, which was successfully completed at the end of 2018, CWS-boco and Smixin are now developing a strategic partnership. “The cooperation with CWS-boco represents the next logical step towards the digital and hygienic transformation of hand hygiene in public spaces that Smixin has been pushing for over the last few years,” clarified Smixin CEO Jean-Michel Deckers. Smixin’s patented technology for dispensing and mixing water, air and soap or other liquids delivers the highest standards of sanitation with limited use of resources. By applying IoT technology to their systems, Smixin grants clients instant data access and enables behaviour change. “Improving hand hygiene is at the forefront of what we do,” continued Mr Deckers.

The partnership between CWS-boco and Smixin in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) markets will give CWS customers access to comprehensive washroom outsourcing solutions with a special focus on well thought-through hand hygiene modules. The smart usage of IoT for different products will allow for optimised washroom management. Focusing on innovative digital user guidance, it has great potential to improve hygiene and behaviour in public washrooms.

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About CWS-boco

The CWS-boco Group is one of the leading international service providers of professional textile services and washroom hygiene solutions. These include the well-known CWS cotton hand towel, soap and fragrance dispensers, dust control mats as well as workwear and protective clothing. All the services are offered in a flexible rental service.

The CWS-boco Group and Initial entered into a joint venture in Central Europe in June 2017. The company has 16 subsidiaries and employs over 10,800 employees. Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH holds an 82% share and Rentokil Initial plc an 18% share of the new joint venture.

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About Smixin

Smixin is committed to improving health and sustainability on a global scale. By developing connected, efficient and economic hand washing systems, Smixin aims to become the number one hand hygiene partner worldwide. The unique hand washing solutions deliver the highest level of sanitation with limited use of resources. Implemented IoT technology enables instant data access and control and encourages behavior change.

Smixin is a spin-off company of Creaholic, a leading Swiss-based innovation factory.

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